Custom Trim & Finish Carpentry in Austin Texas

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I am a finish carpenter and contractor in Austin Texas.  I have a small crew of highly experienced finish carpenters.  We each have over 25 years experience.  We do trim carpentry work for home builders as well as individuals.  We do shop work as well as at the job site,  new work and remodeling.  Contact me for custom doors and shutters, stairways, trim work, cabinets and furniture.

Purple Heart Door
Doors and Shutters
We make custom wood doors and shutters.  We can match an existing door or work from drawings.  Usually our clients are looking for a unique style that they can't find elsewhere.  We prefer to build with solid wood.  We can often repair or rework your old doors.
We have been doing a lot of louvered shutters.  We do both interior and exterior, fixed and operable.  For the larger operable shutters I have created a custom metal bearing that operates much smoother than the plastic ones used by most major manufacturers.
Trim Carpentry
We most often do a complete trim carpentry package including hardware but we will also do specialty work.  We work with stock materials as well as making custom profiles.  We are frequently asked to reproduce existing molding for a remodel.  We can fit molding and cabinets to irregular surfaces such as rock walls.
Clover shaped window trim
Curved stairway Stairways
We work from stock profiles or create custom handrail and post designs.  We can help you create a safe stairway in a tight space or a striking feature for your entry way.  We can remodel or repair your old stairway.
Cabinets and Furniture
We build cabinets and furniture.  Create access to a hidden space with a bookcase or a hidden closet in the back of another walk-in closet.  We can build from your drawings or  help you with your design.  We can rework old and antique cabinets and furniture.
Wine Cabinet